Monday, December 15, 2008

Egyptian Droughts......Who Cares?!?!?!?!?!?!

To prepare for a drought they stored up food. Finally, some planning ahead! Starting to catch up. Good for them. Later on the Egyptians built reservoirs to store water for during droughts, that way the farmers can still grown their crops. And even later on they built the dam, but that was way later (to see my opinion on the dam, see my first post). Now their catching on. Plan ahead, plan ahead. I mean, you never know when a droughts gonna hit and you're gonna need that stored up food and water. My only problem with this is, why waste you water on plants that might not even grow. I mean, there's no sure fire way that you can make sure that the crops will grow. Plus, you have food already stored up, why do you need food if you already have food? One the thing the Ancient Egyptians thought, was if there was a drought, the gods were mad with them. Osiris was the god of farming, so they thought that he was mad. Make sense? Well, maybe not to you and me,but to them it made perfect sense. So why question their judgement, right? Well, I guess we'll never know. Considering that they're dead!!!!

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