Monday, December 15, 2008

Droughts, Rain? Dry, Wet? Sun, Gloom? Who Really Cares?

Droughts were most common away from the Mediterranean coastline. The least popular place for droughts was Alexandria. And no, this was not a person that always had plenty of water. It is, however, the most common place for rain in Egypt. It can get up to 17 in. of rain in a year! That may not seem like a lot to you and me, but for the Egyptians, that was like Heaven. Anyway, back to the topic, the farther away you get from the coastline the less rain you get. This is because the coast line has water so it is able to rain there. The farther away you get, the less water there is. So, less rain. You can thank the desert for that. And you can thank me for telling you to thank the desert. Just kidding, you don't have to. Unless you really want to. 'Cause I'm pretty sure that the desert WILL survive! Even if you don't think so. The river will wash away its tears and then everybody'll forget that this ever happened. Okay?

Seasons.....They're all the Same, Right?

No, they are not all the same. The Egyptians for example, their seasons were based off of the Nile river and when its
yearly flood came. Unlike ours that are based off of the weather. The three farming seasons are: Flood season from June to October, the Growing season from November to March, and the Harvest season from April to May. Now, I don't see why the Egyptian didn't just do it like us and do the seasons depending on the weather. Theirs is just too confusing. Kidding. Actually, I think their seasons are less complex than ours. Because it could feel like spring and the middle of Fall. So that dosen't really make sence. But we don't have a river to base the seasons off of, so we're stuck with the weather. Although I don't think I would want to seasons I live by to be based off of a river. No matter how important that river is. I still wouldn't want to base my whole year after it. How lame is that? Oh well. Not my decision to make.

Plows, They're Ancient History!

The Egyptians did indeed use animals to pull plows. There were many types of animals used to pull the plows. But the most common was to use oxen to pull the plows. I don't know about you, but that sounds harsh. Using animals to do the work you're just too tired to do. It may just be me, but that just sounds LAZY!!! Come on people. A little exercise never hurt anybody. Although being lazy is maybe what killed off the Egyptians. Ever thought about that? Huh?

Egyptian Droughts......Who Cares?!?!?!?!?!?!

To prepare for a drought they stored up food. Finally, some planning ahead! Starting to catch up. Good for them. Later on the Egyptians built reservoirs to store water for during droughts, that way the farmers can still grown their crops. And even later on they built the dam, but that was way later (to see my opinion on the dam, see my first post). Now their catching on. Plan ahead, plan ahead. I mean, you never know when a droughts gonna hit and you're gonna need that stored up food and water. My only problem with this is, why waste you water on plants that might not even grow. I mean, there's no sure fire way that you can make sure that the crops will grow. Plus, you have food already stored up, why do you need food if you already have food? One the thing the Ancient Egyptians thought, was if there was a drought, the gods were mad with them. Osiris was the god of farming, so they thought that he was mad. Make sense? Well, maybe not to you and me,but to them it made perfect sense. So why question their judgement, right? Well, I guess we'll never know. Considering that they're dead!!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Aswan Dam....Good or Bad?

With a dam the Egyptians didn't need to worry about the effects of a drought. Of course, that'll solve every body's problems. I mean, not only will it throw off the farmers seasons, it'll also make it so that they have to work all year long. If they do that, then who's gonna build the pyramids for the pharaohs? Come on people, plan ahead!! Also, with the regulation of water output, crops could be grown year round. Again, it throws off schedules and who's still gonna be building those pyramids? Hydroelectric power provides much needed energy for the growing country. Ohhh, fancy words, why doesn't everybody go out and get themselves some hydroelectricity. Also navigation is improved. Whoopdeddoo! Why do they need better navigation, they already know how to navigate on the Nile, why mess them up with a dam? Again, plan ahead people!!!! Gosh.

What was the name of the dam that was built and why was it built?

How is the effect of a drought different than one nowadays?

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