Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Aswan Dam....Good or Bad?

With a dam the Egyptians didn't need to worry about the effects of a drought. Of course, that'll solve every body's problems. I mean, not only will it throw off the farmers seasons, it'll also make it so that they have to work all year long. If they do that, then who's gonna build the pyramids for the pharaohs? Come on people, plan ahead!! Also, with the regulation of water output, crops could be grown year round. Again, it throws off schedules and who's still gonna be building those pyramids? Hydroelectric power provides much needed energy for the growing country. Ohhh, fancy words, why doesn't everybody go out and get themselves some hydroelectricity. Also navigation is improved. Whoopdeddoo! Why do they need better navigation, they already know how to navigate on the Nile, why mess them up with a dam? Again, plan ahead people!!!! Gosh.

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  1. I don't get it! Why build a huge dam that does something the river does almost all the time? And, it cost tons of money to build, messed up the farming, and covered amazing artifacts, monuments, etc with lots and lots of WATER! Is there something I'm missing or is that just plain STUPID?! Plus, the Nile was beautiful, but then they put a huge hunk of metal and concrete in the middle of it! So much for natural beauty!